He’s all you wanted―

by Justin

You met him online. You exchanged pictures. He said you were cute. You told him he’s very attractive. He was sweet. He seemed genuine and kind. His game peaked your interests. You were keen to get to know him more. 

After a few weeks of constant exchange of messages and phone calls, you both agreed to be in a relationship, in which you believed he was sincerely up for. Every night you slept soundly knowing that in the morning his work was finished and you would text each other on his way home while you’re on way to work. His evenings were your mornings but you made it all work. It was a long-distance relationship you had hoped to work. 

Months passed. He was consistently checking up on you, telling you how much he loved you, and planning to meet you in person soon. He was leading you on to hold to his promise of commitment. More importantly, of faith and love. You were naive to trust him

One day, you were so excited to show him your new haircut. You thought he was going to like you more. You told your friends he was going to love your new hairstyle. When you got him on the phone, all your excitement was returned with a hard blow to your chest.

He ended the relationship because he had met someone on Grindr. He admitted they had been meeting for 2 weeks now. There you had hoped it was just a bad joke. But it was all real. He was breaking up with you. 

It was the most painful feeling you had ever felt. You didn’t know what to say or how to react at that moment. All there was left for you was drown in the ocean of pain that came surging forward all the while trying to search what went wrong. 

He tried to reason with you but it was not helping at all. You were devasted. You cried like you had never cried before. He was all you wanted

―but not like this. 


I’m sorry, friend. I should be telling you that everything’s gonna be fine and that there are other guys out there for you. Something to uplift your spirit. But sometimes, it just sucks that power words won’t suffice. 😞