Dear John,

by Justin


So I’ve listed below the things I appreciate that you did for me in no particular order. I hope that when you read this, you won’t just think about the bad times but also the good moments we shared and loved and enjoyed together. I know I will.

Okay. In no particular order:

1. You let me sleep on your chest because you knew how secured it made me feel.
2. I remember when you used to surprise me with fruity gummy bears. They’re the yummiest!
3. You watched cartoons with me even when you think they’re ridiculous.
4. On weekends when you’re in the mood, you’d cooked spaghetti for lunch with less onions because you knew I don’t like them in my food.
5. One Christmas Day, you took me to your brother’s house to have lunch with his family together with your mom. It was very nice.
6. You told me that you had chosen to be with me than somebody else because you said you’re happier when we’re together.
7. It made me feel loved when you told me I am the person you wanna spend your weekends with.
8. When you told me that you love me when we were at your friend’s hotel. That was the first time you looked at me, said the words “I love you,” and sealed it with a kiss. Sparks flew around us that moment. It was awesome! And
9. I appreciate that you showed me love and care and affection like you meant them even when you didn’t. So
10. Thanks for trying.