The fighting is over now.

by Justin

When it was time to go, I knew then that it was going to be tough. Not only because I was going to leave someone I dearly loved but because I was ready to let go of the good memories we had shared. But I knew as well it was only right it ended when it did.

It took me 3 years to find out he was in another relationship. Whether or not it was equal to what he had with me didn’t matter. The truth was I had been stupid to hope it was going to work and it was alright to lower my defenses down―

for love,
for faith,
for anything there was to fight for.

I used to think one day we would tell the story of us: how we battled the world when it said we wouldn’t make it through―I was wrong. The only story to tell was how he ruined what I thought was a masterpiece. I fell in love and he pushed that aside.

It took me 3 years to realize that falling for him was never a good idea, and that I was meant to lose the battle. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have had to fight for his love and commitment for so long. It’s all over and I’m fine with that now.

He made me happy and feel special in those three years. I am confident too that I had reciprocated that in that same amount of time. Despite of the secrets and lies, I am more than happy that somehow I was able to make him feel genuinely loved in a way nobody else can and probably nobody else could. And I am happy for the fact that it was my only part in his life.

The fighting is over now.